Filem Kontroversi Namewee bertajuk "Babi"

Kalau korang kenal Namewee, korang mesti tau yang dia ni suka buat benda-benda yang kontroversi. Di antaranya pernah buat lagu bodoh berjudul "Negarakuku".

Namewee, pembuat filem 'Babi'.

Ada lagi benda bodoh lain yang Namewee dah buat. Cuma dalam topik kali ini aku nak kongsi pasal filem terbaru dia bertajuk 'Babi'.

Poster Babi.

Aku nampak di poster tu ada tulisan 'Melayu' kat bawah 'BABI'. Cuba tengok ni lepas kena zoom dekat.

Bawah huruf I ada perkataan 'Melayu'.

Kenapa tak letak je Cina? Kenapa mesti letak Melayu? Kat poster je dah timbul kontroversi.

Kononnya nak bagi pendedahan moral kepada rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum tapi kat poster pun dah racist.

Sekarang tengok movie trailer 'Babi' yang diupload oleh Namewee :

Info Movie Babi dari Namewee

‘Babi’ will be available in all Taiwan cinemas on November 20 onwards! The film is also scheduled to debut internationally at the ‘Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival’ on the 6 and 7 of November 2020.

‘BABI’ is a film which is based on an actual real-life event, the movie sheds light on a massive school racial riot, the incident took place in year 2000 in a small town somewhere Southern in Malaysia.

During that time Malaysia was still under the authoritarian rule of one-dominant party, abuse of power and corruption were frequent, media and news were being stringently controlled or filtered. Thus, the incident was being ‘compromised’ by relevant authority, the case was unknown to most of the Malaysians.

I want to disclose the story though art and filming but most importantly sending a message to all Malaysians that we must be more unified disregard of our ethnicity and race. In short, we shall always lend a helping hand to each other and communicate with our hearts and souls therefore we won’t be exploited by politicians who incite racial sentiment to reach their end goal. Otherwise, we will only be trapped in this tragic never-ending cycle…

‘BABI’ in Malay means ‘PIG’. In someone’s eyes, ‘BABI’ is purely just a name for an animal but in Muslim’s eyes, pig resembles unholiness, a word which would radiate sin even mutter from one’s mouth, a taboo word which would spark controversy on any given media or comment section. Hence, this movie is built upon how the word ‘BABI’ triggered a chain reaction which ultimately resulted a series of misfortunes.

'BABI’ is not passed for screening in Malaysia, a banned film. Due to this reason, the budget for this movie was very limited, I have had only a little of resources to finish this project, the process was arduous and agonizing. Luckily, we have not only completed the film under such immense pressure but being invited to Berlin International Film Festival, International Thai Film Festival and Golden Horse Film Festival as well, I’m relief that our labour and passion bore fruit right in the very end. 

I want to thank the judging panel for all the recognition. I hope that in the future more people would know about the film and able to watch it.

We stand firm against any race policy and structural racism, we strongly oppose nepotism and government controlled media. I wish my home country Malaysia, to be ever united against racial policy and has a brighter future ahead.

I would like to thank Taiwan for welcoming all different kind of voices and art, thank you Taiwan. Lastly, shout-out to the ‘Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival’, ‘Golden Horse Awards’ and the film’s distributor ‘CPT Entertainment’ for their acknowledgment.

See you in the cinemas on November 20!

Apa komen orang yang tengok trailer 'Babi'?

Itu baru sebahagian je dari komen-komen yang aku screenshot. Kebanyakannya berminat nak tengok cerita 'Babi'. Siap ada bagi pendapat suruh release di Netflix supaya lebih ramai orang dapat tengok cerita ni.

Adakah filem 'Babi' bakal box office?

Tak mustahil cerita kontroversi macam ni boleh dapat box office. Jangankan orang kita di Malaysia, orang-orang luar pun suka cerita kontroversi.

Walaupun cerita 'Babi' kena banned di Malaysia tapi cerita ni tetap bebas ditayangkan di luar negara.

Tajuk 'Babi' tarik perhatian ramai?

Memang teknik marketing kalau nak tarik perhatian orang ramai kena buat sesuatu yang nampak negatif. Sebagai contoh tajuk video 'Orang tua baik' dengan 'Orang tua bergaduh sampai berdarah'. Berkemungkinan besar lebih ramai orang tertarik nak tengok video 'Orang tua bergaduh sampai berdarah'.

Samalah macam cerita 'Babi'. Kalau buat tajuk 'Positif' nanti tak ramai nak tengok...

Ya ke?

Aku rasa kalau Namewee buat cerita tajuk 'Positif' pun tetap ramai yang nak tengok. Disebabkan kontroversi yang Namewee pernah buat masa dulu, orang ramai jadi curious nak tahu aktiviti atau sebarang tindakan yang dia buat seterusnya.

Kalau movie bertajuk 'Positif' dibuat oleh Mamat Khalid, orang ramai akan terfikir pasal cerita lawak. Disebabkan dah banyak movie kelakar yang Mamat Khalid dah buat, jadi orang ramai nak tengok sebab kelakar. Tak sama dengan Namewee.

Kalau betul-betul Namewee buat movie bertajuk 'Positif', tak mustahil orang ramai tetap nak tengok juga sebab nak tahu kontroversi apa pulak yang nak ditunjukkan. Adakah movie pasal positif dadah? Positif Covid-19?

Tajuk movie apa pun yang Namewee buat, orang ramai nak tengok juga sebab curious.

Takde controvercy tak boleh ke?

Entahlah. Mungkin sebab kalau takde controvercy nanti kurang menarik perhatian?

Aku tengok Ustaz Ebit Liew tetap terkenal tanpa controvercy. Cuma dia bukan pembikin filem macam Namewee. Dia terkenal sebab sibuk nak bantu orang susah dan kerja-kerja dakwah.

Apa pendapat korang kalau Ustaz Ebit Liew berjumpa dengan Namewee dan berbincang pasal movie 'Babi'?

Aku tak tahu apa pendapat Ustaz Ebit Liew kalau dia dapat tengok sendiri cerita 'Babi'. Perwatakannya lembut jadi aku rasa dia takkan marah Namewee sebab buat cerita 'Babi'. 

Namewee kata film 'Babi' berdasarkan kisah benar tapi mana faktanya?

Aku tak nafikan cerita macam ni memang buat orang ramai curious nak tengok. Komen-komen kat youtube trailer 'Babi' pun ramai yang kata berminat nak tengok.

Apa pendapat korang pulak?

Korang nak tengok cerita 'Babi'?


Filem 'Babi' diharamkan di Malaysia

Poster Filem 'Babi'

Movie Trailer 'Babi'


  1. xrasa nk tgk pun filem ni sbb rasa over sgt..nmpk rasis berlebihan pun ye..patut bila dia yg gila kontroversi ni buat filem xpyh tengok,biar dia syok sendiri nt tau la dia nk buat mcmana,org kita ni gilakn kontroversi..🤦🤦🤦

    1. Iye disebabkan ramai orang suka kontroversi sebab tu dia boleh buat movie kontroversi walaupun kena banned di Malaysia.

  2. tidak berminat untuk layan cerita babi ini...nasib baik tiada tayangan di Malaysia


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